The Clag involved in developing the Strategic Plan for the Galician Audiovisual 2016/2020, which prepares the Xunta through Agadic

The regional government is preparing a Strategic Plan for the Galician Audiovisual 2016/2020, taking as axes measures of economic support for the sector, internationalization of products, promotion of Galicia as set to attract film shoots and educational improvements.

The Clag collaborates with the regional government in the promotion in 2016 of the Galician audiovisual in nine international markets

The president of the Cluster do Audiovisual Galego (Clag), Andrés Barbé, participated Tuesday in Santiago, in presenting the outreach program of the Galician audiovisual that the Galician regional government held this year in nine international markets and the that will work the Clag.

Audiovisual professionals and graphic area known applications of neuromarketing in a workshop of Clag

The Galician Audiovisual Cluster (Clag) held yesterday, Thursday, in collaboration with the Graphic Communication Cluster, a workshop on Neuromarketing in which they were released the main applications of this science on consumers of audiovisual content and the world of graphic communication. This session was attended by experts in the audiovisual and graphic field of a dozen companies that after the talk have clearer idea of ​​its application in the near future as a way to understand consumers and their purchasing behavior.

The Clag organizes a workshop on the applications of neuromarketing on consumers of audiovisual content

The Galician Audiovisual Cluster (Clag) organizes, in collaboration with the Graphic Communication Cluster, the workshop "The Neuromarketing and consumer applications on audiovisual content", which will take place on January 28 in Santiago. In this workshop, aimed at the partners, it will be released in consisting methodology neuromarketing (application of techniques belonging to neuroscience to marketing field), what measuring tools are used and what kind of information you get with them.

The Clag wishes you a Merry Christmas

We ended the year and from the Galician Audiovisual Cluster we wish you a Merry Christmas and that 2016 comes full of new projects and successes of both professional and personal.

We also want to thank you for your support, commitment and involvement throughout this whole year. We look forward already in 2016 with our audiovisual news!


  • Aid for the production of feature films on project 2016
  • Aid distribution of non-national European films - Sales Agents 2016