The Clag present on the 17th, with the collaboration of TVG, the CLAG MEDIA TALENT project, looking for new talent audiovisual

The Galician Audiovisual Cluster (Clag) presented on Wednesday, September 17, at 10.00, in the City of Culture in Santiago, the CLAG MEDIA TALENT project, with the collaboration of Televisión de Galicia (TVG). This initiative aims to detect new audiovisual talent and connect with the business, resulting in a catalog of innovative formats with commercial viability, after evaluation by a jury the winner will be issued as a pilot by the Galician regional channel.

The Clag participated in a meeting sponsored by the Igape responsible for PEXGA Platforms

On Tuesday, July 22, the Galician Audiovisual Cluster (Clag) participated in a workshop held by the Igape with eight directors PEXGA existing platforms in the U.S., Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, the UK, Russia , Morocco and China. During the meeting, which was attended by a large part of the excellent Galician clusters supported Igape the Clag moved them to the office managers PEXGA interests Galician audiovisual sector on internationalization.

The Clag promotes participation in the Galician audiovisual MIPCOM 2014

The Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais (AGADIC), with financial support from the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (IGAPE) and in collaboration with the Galician Audiovisual Cluster (Clag) promote attendance Galician audiovisual companies market MIPCOM 2014, which will take place in Cannes from 13 to 16

The Clag held its Ordinary General Assembly

The Galician Audiovisual Cluster (Clag) held on the morning of Friday, June 27, in Santiago de Compostela, the Ordinary General Assembly members for the current year. During the assembly, the accounts of the previous year and the budget for 2014 were approved unanimously. Likewise, he realized the actions carried out by the Clag during the past 2013 and the first half of this year, and the plan of actions planned for the second half of 2014 was advanced.

Successful participation in the technical conference 'The Future of Television 4K qeo' the Clag and ICT Cluster Galicia

The Galician Audiovisual Cluster (Clag) and Galicia ICT Cluster held on Friday, June 13, in A Coruña, the technical conference 'The Future of Television 4K qeo' which featured actual demonstrations and which was exposed 4K potential of technology and how it will affect the future of television and the communications framework "qeo".


  • Audiovisual creation grants for the development and promotion of Galician audiovisual talent 2014
  • Subsidies and co-productions of Galician cultural content 2014